Things sometimes get a little hairy in the office! Many of our staff and team members have four-legged friends at home to help them unwind and put a smile on their face for those really hairy and stressful days.

The internet is full of funny dog videos and grumpy cat memes, but we thought we’d share some of the furry friends of our staff and team members! Not every pet has come to the office (they prefer the work-from-home vibe), but they are all still valued members of our team!

Here are some of our co-workers furry friends:

Meet Sachi and Pako

Sachi and Pako live with Mike. Sachi is a 6-year-old French Bulldog and Pako is a 7-year-old Australian Shepard. They’re best friends who enjoy eating, sleeping, going to the dog park, and playing with (and destroying) stuffed toys!

Here’s Gabi and Milo

These two beauties live with Kristy. Gabby is a 6-year-old Border Collie, Lab and a Retriever mix and can often be found playing fetch with her humans (or anyone who will play with her), and Milo is a 7-year-old Russian Blue who prefers the quieter life cuddling and begging to be picked up any chance he gets.

Get to know Juno and Sitka

These 9-year-old Tabby cats are real-life brother and sister and live with Bill and his family. Juno is the larger cat and Sitka is the smaller one and they both enjoy eating and watching TV together.

Say hello to Clipper

Clipper gets the pleasure to live with Steve. As you can tell from this shameless photo, Clipper has a serious love of napping that we’re all envious of!

Look, it’s Saba!

Saba is a special cat who lives with Connie. She is a beautiful, 9-year old domestic shorthair who, for some funny reason, likes to howl like a dog! She also helps train foster kittens!

Don’t forget Tux!

Tux lives the good life when his grandmother Teresita visits. He’s a 5-month old Boston Terrier pup. While he’s still discovering his place in the bigger world, he’s already picked up passions for long walks, playing fetch, cuddling, sleeping, and eating (especially doggy treats).

It’s Elroy!

Elroy is a much-loved member of Angie’s family. He’s a 10.5-year-old Golden Labrador/Retriever mix. Aside from his love of swimming and cooling off in the creek, you’ll often find him playing fetch, hiking the trails, or relaxing by the fireplace.

Our office staff and team members wouldn’t be the same without these loveable members of the family. We’ve heard whisperings that they are planning to band together to demand a raise, which we will surely oblige…in extra Scooby Snacks and Catnip!