Automating and Simplifying Strata Documents with Strata Press

We’ve always been passionate about supporting our local community and vendors. So when we heard about Strata Press we were intrigued at the chance to offer their document management system for our strata management clients. Strata Press is based in Nanaimo, BC, and has created an easy-to-use, centralized system for Realtors, Lawyers, and Notaries to

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Our Story – A Second Generation Family Business

There is often an interesting story behind a company’s history and what they have endured to become what they are today, so we thought we would share a bit about our story. Did you know that we were one of the first CENTURY 21 franchises in Canada? We’ve come a long way since our humble

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How Rental Property Management is Changing Because of COVID-19

[Disclaimer: The BC tenancy laws and guidelines are subject to change as we monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our communities, the information in this post is correct at time of posting. Contact us for any updates or refer to the Government of BC’s COVID-19 resource page] The COVID-19 virus has affected nearly every aspect

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Financial Plus – Another Option for Small Strata Corporations

Every day management companies in the Lower Mainland receive calls from small Strata Corporations ranging in size from 10 to 50 units requesting information on Property Management services and costs. Until now, few management companies have been interested in working with smaller Strata Corporations simply because the cost involved for full management is usually beyond

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Strata Property: Civil Resolution Tribunal

A new dispute resolution process for Strata Corporations in BC is in the works.  Presently the Court of Justice  for the Strata cases is the Supreme Court of .C and for many years that was the final dispute resolution course (going to court).  The good news for Strata (condominium) owner’s is that on May 31,

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“Form B” (Information Certificate) Updates

Under the Strata Property Act of BC, which came into effect in 2000, Strata Corporations are required to provide (at a fee) a “Form B”, also known as an information certificate to an owner, potential buyer, REALTOR®, lawyer or bank when requested. As of March 1st, 2012 the new “Form B’s” were mandated under the

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Welcome to Strata Talk!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new Blog, Strata Talk. Century 21 Prudential Estates (RMD) Ltd. will be posting new information monthly about the property management industry, both Rental Management and Strata Management. We hope you find our posts informative and interesting. Please subscribe and feel free to share our information with

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